Lorimer, from an examination of 250 cases, found the aver-
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cided hyperacidity (free hydrochloric acid, 2.9 per
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denly converted into doctors and physicians of Col-
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L. G. Cole, Kennon Dunham, Arthur Holding, H. W. Dachtler.
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against tuberculosis upon which we have insisted for many
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we will visit you, and sit by at your examinations ; but, turn-
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the dorsal position, is brought to the lower edge of the
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sider an obstinate tendency to drunkenness a vice. It is
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there are no facts which prove indeed there is no possibility of
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so vastly important an issue by the leading authority on
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forgetting something. You can't fire me because you
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tralization of control and care has resulted in the capture and destruction of enormous
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much debilitated, or the case is periodical, support the system
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The skin is cold, and covered with a clammy sweat, as in the
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Dr. Saleeby, readily justifies this criticism. The public deserves and
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and a very rapid pulse. There was a large quantity of pus in the
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calculi, of which he is fully aware ; viz. there being ** no
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the Society for Psychical Research, London ; and in this
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soluble, rapid in action, nonirritant, easily diffused, easily eliminated and
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ture shortly after his admission. His pulse was rapid
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headache. Periodicity has become increasingly marked
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believing that the antidote should go with the poison.
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No matter what the treatment, and no matter how ap-
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my statement, I appeal, without hesitation, to the enlightened
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Cranium : case of removal of large recurring tumour of frontal
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very warm day, and patient complains of the heat. Dressed the wound anew.
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Bujwid, at Warsaw, inoculated 370 persons bitten by ani-
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yellowish fur, and is moist. The temperature is sub-
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ell and Charles F. Folsom ; " Methods of Diagnosis in Dis-
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paper with this title, reporting two cases. In the first
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Operations.— In an article on the treatment of this
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mens a number of retained nerve fibers which, however,
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its position ; it always remained in whatever position it was put ; the only
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empty the bladder. I admit that not infrequently the word
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contains emigrants from almost every State in the Union.