these diseases, I do not intend to enter into particulars, but shall con-

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adelphia: H. C. Lea's Son & Co. Sold by Macauley

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ranted in calling iodine a thyroid tonic. It stimulates the morbid gland to

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conclude : — 1. That tubercular subjects react much more strongly

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Cantharides, Tincture of.— H., dr. 2-4 (cc. 8.-15.). D., m. 2-15 (cc-

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after a certain alteration had taken place, microorganisms appeared

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real or suspected, and I hope these remarks may have some

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Way of Testing Railway Employees for Color Blindness, by

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tive against the gas bacillus and more active against

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immune from yellow fever. The -editor of El Cubaiio

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The section on operative iJbstetrics would call for

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In shade— highest (Th.) 55.2 degs.; lowest (Wed.) .32.2 degs.

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of the mesenteric nodes was recorded in 17 cases. Randus also examined 200

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Sex. — Males, 44 ; females, 9 ; infants (sex not stated), 5.

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Special Court I earnestly invite the attendance of all governors,

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botic or embolic vascular occlusion may result. Not

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$ S. Niter, 3 iv., or Nitrate of Potassa, grs. 15 ;

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be willingly borne. The examination for admission to

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prior inflammation, then inflammation is apt to be renewed in

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Diseases of Children, University of Pennsylvania: Com-

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diminished or even lost. (See cases reported by Lepine, Ross, Colman,

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tution before credit was allowed for the case. When the question of

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without knowledge or pain throughout the whole proceeding, and in a condition

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relating to the mind will embrace, as far as possible, measures having refer-