area. These cases showed plainly that not so much emphasis must

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entirely too small to warrant the drawing of any con-

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was thus demonstrated to me that it is no easier to get

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lifts the chin and protrudes the lower lip ; firmness by the orbicular

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no less important part of our high calling, our duty to better

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Rapids, consulting surgeons; Drs. Harry A. Haze, Alexander

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The upper abdominal reflexes are very feeble or absent ; the

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pulmonary mucous membranes, causing the train of symptoms known

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more interesting, as well as more familiar to the min«l, they are not re-

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The Medical and Surgical Reporter. Edited by S. W. Butler, M. D. May,

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all, their attention is called to it. — American Medical Timex.

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Prize of £30, awarded annually in July, founded " for the

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Cemetery, New Haven, by the side of his wife and several of his

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Branch Councils ; and the expenses of the General Coun-

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was also drawn down for somi; inches, forming a con-

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ditions observed in severe brain diseases (apoplexy, uremia, etc.) because it simu-

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Proc Path. Soc Dubl.. 1877-80. n. s., viii, 206.— Bardiizzi

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were said to be in good health, but little value was

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Graham-Smith (1908) [5] points out that the frequency of this

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Sir Joseph Fayrer, and Council gave a conversazione

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ummary of the limits within which he found that the posterior and

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Faculty in England, having exhausted every other topic for discussion

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The patient is in a condition of complete unconsciousness. His face is

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mentioned previously witli the following result. Tem-

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and conversations which we have had during my stay here. I desire further

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purchased by the sacrifice of health. In fashionable board-

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Spinae between the right transverse process of the sixth and

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respiratory apparatus. It is very difficult to express in words

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Dr. Worthy Streator, a physician of Cleveland, died

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knee-jerks were wanting. The man had previously been in robust health,

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indefinitely with little if any loss of weight to the

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more common among the infant subjects of catarrhal fever. Here,

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bined with a subhepatic abscess (SA) in the right kidney-pouch as often occurs in appendicular cases.

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after the second half of life, and usually follows on rheumatism. The

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Serum Antitoxin — A PATENT.— The Law Journal, December 15th,

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size. Of the many species of the genus Mus only three or four have

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men varies in girth from time to time, according to the distension of the