as are the myomata and inomata, and are circumscribed.

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metritis), in referring to the obscurity of the diagnosis between

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According to the most accurate observations, the diurnal changes of tempera-

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of the lesion, the age and .social position of the patient,

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Sykes ; Ziemann in the common chaffinch, Fringitta crelebs, L. ;

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biological science. He saw that disease was only a deviation

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tion of left arm saving the right; recovery. Indian M.

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Third. — The defective vascularization and the vitality of malig-

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(5) Bv-Law XX to be changed by striking out in line 8

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with some difficulty. The gastrosplenic ligament, the

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renheit. T am in the habit of moulding the shoos thus

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visual acuity; next in, importance is the visual field; and next the

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substrates. Dr. Laga also investigated the kinetic and thermodynamic para-

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untouclied the genitalia are frequently affected, and vice verm.

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not seen, in recent (pneumonic) attacks, either in sections or in smear

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thelial cells, many of them showing marked degenerative changes and covered

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into the skull was enlarged and the brain aspirated.

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these halls and the operating theatres of our hospitals,

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In the last five years, within the metropoli- ; quence of the retirement of Mr. Stanley,

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advisability of stretching the great sciatic nerve. I thought

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brief consideration of the pathology of hay j n t h e sixth week of treatment. It is in-

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To Dr. Charles V. Chapin, of Providence, for the best

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depends on the skill of the operator. There are very

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escape of blood serum into the lungs, and that, therefore, the in-

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brief, it seemed that the case was one of a paresis of intestinal move-

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camp(0.) Formaldehyde. Columbus M . J., U97, xviii.

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wards through the anus and upwards through the artificial

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of the lesion, the age and .social position of the patient,

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is irregular and uncertain ; they may appear after an intermission of

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to report the following case, which was also, for a time,

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too large or the urethra too small for the passage of

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Every one is acquainted with the frequency of insanity occur-

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Councillors to have the general superintendance of the concerns and