died, and twenty-four recovered. Looking at the mortality in those cases where
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with some exceptions, that these agents act with an intensity pro-
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decided to be merely ■ folliculai tonsillitis with ■ positive
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1 . Lieblich JM, Rogol AD, White BJ. et al: Syndrome of anosmia with hypogo-
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practically no danger should die within forty-eight hours
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Traumatic Tetanus successfully treated by Calabar Bean and Whisky . 444
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Professor Kaposi, of Vienna found himself practically
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diphtheria cannot occur without bacteria. Klebs inoculated the micro-
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to find any positive modification. Dr. Goodhart had found a
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the relative height of circulatory strength in a depres-
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scarcxtends a little across the sagittal suture. The pulsations of the brain
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After the use of chloral it is found that the evacuations are lessened, wliilst the
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and strength. We have already shown that, in spite of their partial
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Mycosis fungoides is a disease characterized by a marked pre-
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the necessary existence of art in medicine is of itself
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expressed. (Applause.) They were determined on honouring
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Arrangements to allow 10 minutes for the presentation of i
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speak comparatively. I liave now, under my care for epilepsy, a
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researches, yet, in this country, so far as I know, the in-
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the skin over the entire leg is disappearing, and the cuti-
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the cold bath. Proc. M. Snr. Coi'iutv Kings, Brooklyn,
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have been expected. But they gradually became serious, and
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flicted. This valuable article has been found higldy beneficial in restoring the na-
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Medica] .Juris- Sir Douglas Dr Littlejohn.^ ^^^^ ^l^l
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has on the resources of the generous, especially in view of
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great difficulty in making a diagnosis of this disease in chil-
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duction of germs for the time, or also of forming an insoluble albuminate
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that permanent disturbances in affections of the spinal cord, like the initial retention
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was introduced toward the supposed position of the bullet
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death in hip disease does not occur from local mischief, but
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made by counter-irritation and electricity to aid in the restora-
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in the profession, and believed there was more than one then
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borne, Jr., gives the report of a case and its autopsy,
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or bronchi and oesophagus, in cases of aneurism of the aorta, may be
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Professor Simpson thought the Society owed its thanks to the
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ment. The tents were used about four months, when she called for the
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indicate a widely used pharmaceutical compound, and whose