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paralysis ? Before replying to this question let us proceed methodically.

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ing the treatment. While this is unpleasant, it does not seem that

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rent example is the total lack of parity for psychiatric

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more sickness and premature death than any other. No physician

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or inllaence by the celestial bodies (1) determining telluric cataclysms

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fers materially from hyoscin in a chemical point of

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arms, the weight of their projectiles, their diameters, their initial velocities, "

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become either difficult or complicated labors. Accordingly, it will be

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be associated with either a subsequent outbreak of rheumatism or found in

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How can we exi)lain, thou, why persons arriving from an

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The organ was taken from a woman, aged 23, who died in

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Dc Renzi, E. : Ueber die Stokes-Adams'sche Krankheit, Berl. klin.

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same scale as for attendance at the General Medical Council."

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five grains three times a day, and is almost well. As he was accustomed to

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other etiological factors, the changes in the heart and

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ination of the tninors in the muscles disclosed a spongy

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number for the day, holding each enough for one feeding. To

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physical signs and other symptoms, we can have little doubt that col-

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Syphilitic Necrosis of the Inferior Maxilla.— Creutz i

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I tion ; and they must be i*egistered as qualified practitioners.

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coldness, rigidity, and violet livid cadaverous discolora-

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of unlimited pure air. Still, I would enter my protest

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expelled, they remain till spring. Being then full-grown,

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The question of the use of saline cathariics in peritonitis

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stitute it ; the extremely important subject of milk in its relation

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made for separated ends. The ends of the muscle will be

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same paper he refers to the case of Korman, nearly identical

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the velum palati. It is generally gray, and corrugated on the surface.

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Radcliffe-Crocker^ also figures a widespread /. c. gyrata. A re-

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The Registrar-General has been favoured by A. Maxwell