and of growing through unruptured vascular walls. The conditions of the

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monia autopsies collected at the Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia, Norris

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obtained on Macacas c^momologus, with the exception that the nuclear

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Abortive Smallpox. — There is properly a distinction between this and

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insurance. If this be admitted, there can be no question but

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there is a stupid stare, and the patients sleep most of the time. Percussion

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the claim of Sanarelli for Bacillus icteroides, the best European and Amer-

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*Hiss and Russel: "Study of a Bacilhis Resembling the Bacillus of Shiga," The

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given to monkeys. Mice and rats are susceptible to infection; rabbits and

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differential diagnosis is imimportant. There is certainly the same danger

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1848-50 an extensive epidemic occurred not only here but throughout South

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incomplete, as a result of which one of the intermediary pro-

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In the case of typhus fever it is evident that this may be a matter of great

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quently distended, this being usually most marked in the colon. The lower

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Local Blood-letting, or Scarification, is often useful in

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continually, removing decomposing food and mucus, the

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show "an average of 1.69 per cent, of sodium chloride, Avhile normal lung

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and others must be disputed. It is inconceivable that such

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ways from large masses of microorganisms. The freeing of the toxin in

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lying in stupor or coma vigil. There may be difficulty in swallowing and

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ordinary is not taken with any degree of confidence ; but as a

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arises. If a surgeon is to be called, he should be given the chance of seeing

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bility of assisting the organism, in some direct manner, to neutralize these

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ally there may be joint pains and even arthritis with effusion.

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should receive careful attention and after each movement of the bowels the