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two ends of bowel were carefully united by silk sutures
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dent other than the local symptoms of the injury. Eighteen
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17. An epidemiological study of lead chromate plants: Final
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present case. By steady traction on the ligature a glimpse
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Since most patients with cancer are admitted to hospitals,
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that the corpuscles, when separating from each other, become elongated
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^Hficular mode of) action of the vessels, and therefore is removed by weakening them,
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fell out of his hand, but he had no weakness in his right arm,
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read before the Royal Society, he says, "that he was almost
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average daily dosage guide. In the male: Eunuchoidism
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4thly. The scar is situated over that portion of the cortex
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C. The contracted portion of the lateral ligament blending with
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colleague Mr. Beck, on July 13, 1885 (No. in hospital register
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description, and the localisation of this disease also very
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Harvey 1 in which Raynaud’s phenomenon developed while
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A malignant stricture of caecum was found, which was
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two ounces in each, when they were carefully set down on a
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little if any fluid in the joints. No osteophytic growths could
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Remarks. — The results of the experiments are interesting. They
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June, 1886, as an out-patient under Dr. Biss at the Brompton
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initial physical examination a “patch of eczema” was noted
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mitted to the medical service with the diagnosis of an acute
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shortly after the faintness passed off, and she was able to go for
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elevation seems of particularly little significance in the first
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> Diatribse duae Med. Phil, de Febribus, cap. i, pp. 13, 14, 8vo, Lond. 1659.
interations between ginseng and metoprolol
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or organic germs in the fibrin were overlooked; for although
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nal alimentation and the essential role of definitive surgery.
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paramedical personnel to ensure optimum instruction of