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relaxation of the muscles , and mechanically obstructs the glottis. In

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the auscultation points for the auriculoventricular valves. The second

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but the patient could abduct the right arm by a snake-like movement. The paralysis

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which all the ticks are carefully removed does not infect a healthy

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The ammoniacal character of altered urine is known to be due to the

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the former injection have disappeared. If inconvenient for

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were cured by treatment directed solely to the stomach

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normal amount of kidney tissue, thanks to the hypertrophy or hyperplasia

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pulmonary tuberculosis, who did well on open-air treat-

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of resistance and augmentation of conductivity. The experiment on

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after its weary wailing of fourteen centuries, and the

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) the needle or lance-shaped myringotome referred to :

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the little railway siding (Plate V., Fig. 1). Soon a train marked with

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in immediately after the characteristic chill of the disease

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tember, 1892 ; and the size of the dose — 35 drops three

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in daily, until the skin begins to vesicate, when it must be discontinued,

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case showed at operation a little depression in the left parietal and a

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Operation, October 0, 1866. — Chloroform was administered.

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Margaret Howard Austin, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Medicine.

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dilation of the apei of ihe heart and a fibrous degeoenitioD oF"

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yet all had remained healthy. Of nineteen unprotected

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Spaniards rushed impetuously forth, and the prompt closure of the gate

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success as a result of their operative measures, but they

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Bacillus enteritidis of Gartner (associated with meat poisoning and

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swelling of abdomen, no nausea or vomiting. Passed normal amount of

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the paroxysms cease, in some cases to recur for weeks or months or yoan»,

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the outbreak on the European shore of the Mediterranean has

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wichtiger FrakturCornicn. N. Yorker med. Monatschr.,

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) the needle or lance-shaped myringotome referred to :

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cular state, where, by physical examination, the resonance of

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It iV I.J^,.',". .\ V, >;> ^ %i'. «•••.!-» ',','.* '.M'.*" .' .'. V '^ O'.' .'/■'♦ ^i.vJ.

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of active progressive locomotion and is much larger than the tricho-

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the oiDcration within an hour or so of the onset of definite

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wanner, or vice versa, has been observed by me in quite

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to restore the lost action of the glandular system ; to protect

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ordinary McBirney appendix incision. It is unnecessary

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agreed on the main features of their remarks. Over-

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chemical restraint and haldol or ativan

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he felt himself much better and stronger ; in fact so well that he was anxious to

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Vanderstraaten, Julian Louis, M.D. St. Andrews, Civil Medical Sci-vice,

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in these all but desperate cases, is venesection. I

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children, and they may be prolific at an early age. Dr. Riittel met with a

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