his cases were due to the lack of this preparatory treat-

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in the first days of the disease 8.0 quinin (once even 10.0 quinin),

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apparatus used for the correction of spinal deformities are depicted,

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5. Mr David Wallace, C.M.G., exhibited an adult patient,

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heart beat accelerated ; respirations more frequent than

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the temper is irritable ; and the mental power deficient. Aus-

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Indian reservation . Am J Epidemiol 1979; 109:335-345

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annual meeting of the trustees of the Royal Infirmary, the

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same group. For purposes of analysis in this article, however, only

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orifice should be carefully swabbed with a solution of silver nitrate, and the

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in the literature. Some of these tumours have been called glioma, and

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against haemorrhage as the second, but its action is

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^situated far back, the anterior pair being opposite, or slightly

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speaking, and which results from a dominant idea monoideiam. The term monoi-

cefixima 400 mg (suprax) in a single oral dose

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and where there has been no abscess formation followed by a cicatrix

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1885) on an epidemic rose-rash, which visited Calcutta in 1881, and which he rightly decided

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the plan is more safe than that of placing them in the general

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as to the puncturing of the cyst; and on tliis point Dr. M'Clintock

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and 4 to 5 cm. in width. A larger branch of the anterior vagus is seen to end as a similarly

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occurring after simple evacuation of fluid and drainage.

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anamals?" She said, "I was sent by my son-in-Jaw. He said I should

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of the trouble. If there is any doubt about the condition of the

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portion was so extremely small in amount and in the

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the apex. Similar tubercles existed in the upper lobe of left lung ; but they were

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viscera show fatal lesions. In the nodosity of the joints,

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heart beat accelerated ; respirations more frequent than

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are so common that he always examines and sutures at

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or saucer, which is then to be placed in some conve-

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nation, ought to have been the most powerful refrigerant or antiphlogistic

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ral, and w 7 hat was to be expected, will, to the student of nature,

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Histology. — The minute anatomy of erysipelas was first studied by

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repeated. The depressed fractures interfere wath or suppress the func-

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after the onset of the paralysis, we feel justified in giving a partially

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6 Royal Faculty of Physicians and SrR(;EoNs, Faculty Hall, 4 i'.m.—

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suture, and brought the parts in the intervals accurately into

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Life," and on "Chemistry in its relation to Physiology and