Compared," Dublin Qu.arterhi Journal, 1866.-76. Smith, R. Angus. Air and Rain,

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Mymnian Pathology, — When Mr. Gobat, a missionary, now resident

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performed, the child lived five and a half days, and then died of menin-

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cholia, or other forms of insanity, and after tracheotomy, this method

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what we have oflen had cause to asBert, that LoaisviUe is the point

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is no accompanying circumstance which might give rise lo the phe-

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of the glands with cell elements ; the infiltrated patches then undergo

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noma in this relation is given by Noeggerath up to the close of 1891.

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(2) It has been suggested that sometimes the pneumococcus, some-

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female, with fourteen fresh scirrhous carcinomata. The experiments

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forms of assurance where the period (five years) forms a considerable

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tize and thereby obtain control over a single limb, whilst the rest of the

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recrudescences must now be regarded as mainly due to the fact that the

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drugs ; in most cases, however, our power to remove a cause by drugs

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do we discover that these commence by a local inflammatory disturbance.

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porter and water beneficial in feeble and relaxed infants, as a preventive

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Tuberculosis of the lung has occasionally been observed during con-

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when the temperature has again risen. A combination of y)henacetin with

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family shawl, if a quilt or blanket are not available ; or the same gar-

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heard by three of the medical gentlemen present. The patient, who had

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xxxviii. 1887. — 9. Noeggerath. Beitrdge zur Struktur u. Entwickelung des Carci-

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in long chains ; sometimes in the shape of fine small dots, at other times

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appears. Microscopic examination is easy and decisive.

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hundred inches on the south-east slopes of the Himalayas, which are

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sive fits occurred late in the afternoon, or why they were followed at the

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direction have resulted in failure. Moreover, it is contended (17) that

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containing remnants of the bacilli within vacuoles slowly break apart.

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originating in the submucosa of the intestines, as in enteric fever, and

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id) Sanarelli discovered a number of vibrios in water, which often

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the eastern cities of America, particulariy in Philadelphia, it often pre-

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Pyramidal Cell, with n, neuron, and d, den- SIS Can Only be explained by SUppOS-

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" A few days ago I noticed in the American a very seductive article

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of cases, succeed in checking the advance of the malac^y, in mitigating

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that It is contaminated with muriate of magnesia, which will cause the

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also the embryo or foetus may gain protection after a successful strug-

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subject which has been made the common fighting ground of pathologists,

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chemiotaxis would also seem in general to be in the inverse ratio of

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dans les Formes Typho'ides des .Maladies Infectieuses, 1893).

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a common vascular or erythemoid inflammation. In the cases examined

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so also, according to Metschnikoff, Kuffer, Borel, and others, have the

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and a half months, she has been magnetized daily, sometimes twice daily,