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Much will have to be learned But certainly we can to-day say of Bottini's operation that it leaves the important anatomical parts absolutely intact, without destroying tissues which for certain periods of the life of the male subject are of great importance (vasa deferentia, testicles), and without sharing, to a great extent at least, the dangers of other radical operations (ligation of internal iliacs, total extirpation) (reviews).

This impudent and unprincipled charlatan was none other than Paracelsus, to whom the medical world is more indebted for the mineral drugging system to than to all other physicians who have ever lived. May produce garget and usage mammitis in cattle. Our statutes are very clear, and in the absence of special city effects ordinances regulating this particular work, the general powers of the board conferred upon it by the charter, make the enforcement of the State laws sufficient to prosecute offenders in the city and county of San Francisco. Mercuric oxide, mercuric and mercurous chloride, mercuric iodide, massa hydrargyri, unguentum hydrargyri, hydrargyri cum Write the formula of each of the following: (a) usa mercurous chloride, (b) mercuric chloride.


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One of the most interesting;' of tlie series of researches conducted recently under the auspices of the German government as the sequel of the recent epidemic of side cerebrospinal meningitis is that results of twenty-nine autopsies made in the industrial district of Silesia, where the epidemic raged with considerable intensity. Other experiments satisfactorily showed that the difference of cvs time between simple apnoea and that by drowning is not due to submersion, or to depression of temperature, or to struggling, but that it is connected with the fact, that in the one case a free passage of air out of the lungs, and of water into them, is permitted; in the other, the exit of air and the entrance of water are prevented. The accused had numerous friends who firmly believed in his sanity, and regarding him as the victim of designing people, helped him with testimony and funds: does. The advocates of an admixture prezzo of the sexes naturally feel aggrieved at this decision. The supravaginal operation has the advantages of somewhat review less danger, and of leaving the vaginal roof intact. Improvement has also taken place in the technics and character of amputations, particularly tablets those of the leg and thigh. Having opened the sac, which contained a considerable quantity of fluid, a small knuckle of intestine was found protniding; it was quite healthy, the constriction not dosis being excessive.

Product - we stand on Mount Pisgah, like Moses of old, and look forward to the good land, where the fruit may be still more abundant, and where we may exercise Association the promise of much future good.