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more common in men. It is a disease of advanced life, and is extreme-

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The Century Magazine for April contains a well written article oa

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The general effect of static electricity is, therefore, about

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Seven horses and 1 mule were under treatment in 1907. In all

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the first attempt at a systematic presentation of the diseases that prevail

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subsidence of the other symptoms. The febrile state lasts from

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1 893- Some Advances in the Early Care of the Infant. 403

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ment. He was obstinate, prolix, and full of paradox. It was

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ideally aseptic, and the wound heals with remarkable quick-

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ell's view of the non-existence of the non-coagulable proteid in

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powers of petty princes, and display very imperial feelings

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continued down to the present time, so that today wine is a

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As the result of my own experience and observation, I

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to be for naught. We can urge ourselves to write our

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ing, irregular tumultuous heart action, and dyspnoea. They

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noted in 50 (12J%) of 400 cases. Abdominal pain occurs

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grateful thanks for Thy mercy and Thy grace. Thou art the giver

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not do very well, so I tried a different sort of fat. I thought I had not

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markedly compressed and bound by a few adhesions at its anterior part.

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lively motion. Besides these tufts, numerous colourless vesicles

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In 1914 M. E. Rehfuss l published his description of a modi-