it requires an entirely different treatment from that of

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closely simulating typhoid fever. The symptoms usually come on about

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toms I had foreseen, and which I had warned the parents of the night

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missions. In thirty cases 60 per cent, had remissions

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him by force or by threat from doing that which he wishes to do, he is

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The deformity must be considered as a dislocation, in

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scores the advantage. Some kind of local irritation is usually

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is rarely performed; therefore the extent of problems is

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built into the resident's stethoscope. Here on 3d West

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many individuals, with no neurotic tendencies, may survive this practice,

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into the stomach from the irritation that they caused.

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and the gravity which their occurrence seem to lend to the prog-

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you discharged me from attending you as your physician in your

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Finally, if a case should again arise in which an operation might be

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Ecchymosis in the dead body. Lividity— Ecchymosis may present itself m

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the aspirator needle along the needle of the hypodermic syringe, which

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nosed very early, and are easily treated, as a rule. One should

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On March 9th, his general condition being favorable, I

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chloric acid. Oxalic acid could then also be demonstrated in the

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tarily. Usually the fits soon cease ; the ox rises and soon

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agents, which are acknowledged to have the most special

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1. The correct high low position, sequence of the patient.

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bladder, and also that pure cholesterin stones will in-

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large-sized, flat-topped papules conspicuously running along the line