the march, ten days sees the end of an outbreak in the epidemic
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was here present, as in the five recorded instances in
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which would terminate in difficult or complicated Labour.
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the process of his second dentition. Though they are dwarfs and idiots, yet
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instilled at frequent intervals, are useful in iritis by (1)
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acquired by constant practice when off the wagon. A good whip
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a non-sensitive lump on the side of the head. "As he began to
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be properly productive, what was to be done with that
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recovery took place alter abdominal dropsy had existed some time.
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to be easier. Our knowledge of tuberculosis — its cause, its
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same dark red blood again ! ! The nature of the affection was now revealed.
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Plate I. — To Illustrate Article by Mr Douglas G. Reid.
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Dr Duncan said he agreed with the general tenor of the paper.
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although bile salts continued in the urine during the entire period of
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side. The vastly greater frequency on the left side is
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Evening Session, 8 o'clock p. m. — President's Address, by J. B. Marvin, M. D.,
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dissections are, however, condemned as unreliable by some
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lungs, as yet being discoverable, the strength and nutritive concUtion
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Editor's Note — This is tin- seventh paper of a Svm-
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upwards and may even involve the primitive colon above
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ness," has been established by abundant clinical and experimental studies.
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stroyevikh soldat armii. [Hygiene of feet of soldiers.]
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the amount, the rapidity of bleeding, and on its passing with the intestinal
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not show cleft palate. Congeners of meclizine have caused
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Ulceration of the Cervix. — Recent ulcerations usually yield to one
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would in general be nil ; gradually the stool would become infectious
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which were mistaken for aneurisms of the great arteries in
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present, depending on whether or not the organism in question is
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tions which have been spoken of, I would like to know if Dr. Lord took into
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that of the body generally, is lowered ; the pulsations of the heart
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touch, and as the room in which I was operating (a ten-
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breech presentations the case is left to nature ; in other abnormal
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ter ; therefore multiply the number of c.c. of permanganate solution by 0.005,