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Notwithstanding all that older anatomists have written, shall we not be sustained in the statement that their views concerning this elaborate and complicated structure are confused and contradictory? And although modern authorities are more uniform, may not their uniformity be the result of the adoption of a common error? We should state that it is not the epithelial, but the true surface of the mucous membrane of the stomach to which we wish to call attention, and the facts we shall present can be observed by any one in the preparations upon The surface of the mucous membrane presents different appearances in different portions of the stomach; this fact not having been sufficiently appreciated by observers, we consider as one of the sources of error in the ordinary descriptions of this organ (patients). La anemia grande bysterie chez I'boninie. This is to be given every morning, and continued 500 five or six days.

Albert met with a case, medication in which a child died thirty-six hours after its birth, having been attacked by convulsions at intervals during that time.

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