IMost serums will keep a year if preserved with a slight
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they had been exposed to cold than was otherwise the case. Among 4,244
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especially in the portal spaces. The kidney may be the seat of acute degener-
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child in it during the one or more days of the preemptive stage.
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kaemia, general sarcomatosis and chronic tuberculosis. "It is perhaps safe
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or a community might be infected, and mentions that some of those nursing
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the material on the surface was washed into the stream and then into the
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always in evidence requiring half a dozen or more calls.
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to do harm than good, particularly when there is beginning degeneration of
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subside without any other treatment. The areas should be carefully watched
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well-being of the United States depends on the maintenance
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Pneumococcus endocarditis differs in several respects from other varieties
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three weeks or a month before the enlargement has disappeared entirely.
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remedies, which it is worth while to briefly point out.
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handled by an alienist. The matter of the best treatment for these patients
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heart is terribly injured; in others there is an insidious onset and a gradual
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which accompanied intestinal perforation. This group comprises many of
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of any use to the economy, or that may be poisonous to the
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whom I had never known as being ill, and as fine a specimen of
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Suppurants. — Any of the more active counter-irritants,
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On the other hand, many cases of erythema nodosum run a course of their
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sponges only should be employed, which have been previ-
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others, believe that the cause of the cUsease is some form of protozoan.
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specificness of agglutination by immune serum: "The typhoid bacillus
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that every hfe which earns money has a financial value, the
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which occurred from 1870 to 1899, found that the infection was carried by
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Continental term "cerebral rheumatism," is preferable to that of rheumatic
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the fever or of preventing a relapse. Quinine, arsenic, carbolic acid, prep-
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arises spontaneously, but m rare cases it may be due to the extension of a
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nitrate, the use of enemata to empty the bowels, and cathe-
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makes no account of diseased valves, from previous attacks
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mortality among the excessive overweights is the very careful
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of the eye, the most serious acute disease with the exception of gonorrhoeal
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the tubs, which should be noted as they are often spoken of as "ice baths."
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murmurs are most clearly heard over the pulmonary area.
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years prior to his death he was the most eminent physician
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9 1. 1 per cent, of all the cases, there is less than one out of ten
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