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Here, then, as it appears to us, in this scanty and

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sternum, had an irregular pulse with frequent intermissions, and

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author recommeude restricting the ingestion of nitro-

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tumor. In the upper part of the neck various gross diseases or wounds

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exactly the reverse ; except, indeed, that patches of old softening are met

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and occasional washing with glycerin and rose-water.

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of eyeballs in any direction are painful. It would seem as if we

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the coronary arteries of the heart, appear to be the

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Elliott, Thomas, A.B., M.B.. L.R.C.S.I.— Resident Medical Officer to

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advEuitages of union, illustrating his moral by the history of

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When it has followed so far, the hand may be gently with-

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power. Can five grains of mercury do it? Why, it only irritates arid

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room, and water closet. The sleeping rooms are comfortable and fur-

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may pass into the subacute and chronic stage, and give rise to Bright's

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and splenic disease ; the more so as we should have

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etc., It itt plain that drinking water ie in danger of being poi-

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for it was unassociated with otitis media and often was not recovered

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myself on " The Dige.stion and Absorption of fats in Congenital

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so-called "system-disease." Exceptions to this rule occur, however, espe-

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and all of the usual sources of epidemic diseases, may cause this.

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phosphide of zinc may be used in doses of one third of a grain every two

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Saa occnn-ed from purpura heemorrhagica should be visited for the

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mate, the British cockpit losing an ugly blundering Irishman,

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acute respiratory diseases come to this region and recover

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On cutting into the cord, however, it was found to have been com-

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to this, and a small nerve, probably the radial, was stretched. Unfortunately,

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of neurones differ as materially as do their functions. For the

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by furnishing us with their addresses, on so requesting, without cost or trouble to themselTcs.

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1-lKvnr Coatks*, New 1 h"omsonian Medicine Store, No. 14-9, South Sixth Street.

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liquors, ginger-beer or ale, home-made lemonade — should all be

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cessful competitors are never known, unless they choose to be, as their

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tained blood, and there was constant, not lancinating,

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rical practice. Various solutions have been recommended. Some use a solution

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of palatial residences built upon its western shore fur-

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know it, — the faculty knows it, and in fact anyone passing witlnin three blocks of

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fifth costal cartilage in the mammary line, while the

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Stationlewitsch, St. Petersburg. — Orchansky, " Sur Tinnervation