operations upon the skeleton, the bone-cutting instruments should be

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Part I is devoted to a consideration of the electro-

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from the vaginal septum. There being present an in-

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operation proves useless, as when the enlargement is

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under the direction of the government. The idea that

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An autopsy showed fracture of the spleen and ribs immediately over it, and

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ulants, or deny its deteriorating and destructive influ-

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being felt two or three finger-breadths beyond the median line

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Case II. — Margaret G-., aged two and a half years, of Irish parents, flaxen

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would shew a great deal more as to the nature of it

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instance, in atony of the bladder we may have the circular fibres of the

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which is an almost unavoidable concomitant of severe

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nomena sometimes appear to depend upon comparatively

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But, on the other hand, it is fair to presume, after due al-

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old hemiplegic lesion of the other side. The latter has destroyed the fibers of the

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In speaking of this, Mr. Darwin says: "The reader will best realize this

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chronic stage, what must be its effect on a part still laboring under in-

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Write for Sample, also for one of our new Glass (stei-ilizable) Tongue Depressors.

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hectic character: Instead of recovering his strength, the patient

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The first three dogs (I, II, III) in this series were animals from

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the grandparents on both sides, occurs in tlie extremity of

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gous botany idea, was put into my hands as a safe and

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Substances of considerable size may lodge in the esophagus

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plied either by the application of the anode to the spine and the cathode placed

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blood and puts added resistance in the habituation. Equal confidence may be

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ulcer of the larynx as of disease of the mucous membrane causing the

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shown by almost instant relief of the symptoms. Such an

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become paretics, despite the large proportion of such cases in

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the synovial sac renders it incapable of absorption, and

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two joint surfaces into more positive apposition. This

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