of cortical inhibition. The emotional disturbances met with
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3. The matter of choleraic dejections is incontestably the princi-
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Schools. — Dr. Bayard Holmes {'Ihc J'le.xus, Octo-
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Vol. XVIII. Louisville, Ky., November 3, 1894. No. 9.
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with success in three cases of chorea, without any other treatment.
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symptoms to increase, or in which there is spinal pain or tenderness.
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of degeneration were observable. The nature of these was determined by those con-
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of medicine instead of reliance on hygienic regimen —
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before backward and the mouth of which is closed by
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been caused by the cord formed by the mesenteric vessels. The
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smaller than a pregnant uterus at full term, and freely movable,
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to move, recovery will be doubtful. In operating, if the surgeon should find
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dents were deficient in the knowledge of those fundamental
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two hours. Cut up the onion in neat slices and fry in butter a
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flaccid, livid, and have altogether lost their conical form. The division
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larged glands under the jaw. The swelling was so marked
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From Feb. 9 — Acting Assistant-Surgeon Harry A. LIttlefield,
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prostatectomy.) The location of the referred pains was as follows: Lumbar
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There is marked central scotoma — the periphery of the
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remember that paralysis from embolism or thrombosis is one of the
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Beevor (C. E.), a case of paralysis of supinator longus, biceps,
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" Reports of the commission * * * for the investigation of Mediterranean
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It has long been held that it is reduced in size, and upon this Brehmer
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swollen, and the genitalia may become more or less cedematous. The oedema
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Whereas it is necessary and expedient that an annual fee be paid by each member
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the disturbances of sensation ; and contractures without atrophy
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In this way, sometimes, the channel of the artery is restored. In general
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or abraded pia mater and arachnoid. The surface of the con-
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