these circumstances, is not evidence of spermatorrhoea. Veritable spermator-

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Canton; Dr. Allen, of Gouverneur; and Dr. Dowsey, of Mad-

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to the naked eye. Upon section, it is found that the enlargement of

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terrupted. Catarrhs of the nasal, ocular, and pharyngeal mucous membranes persist

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des fl^vres typhoides conipliqu6s h I'occasion d'un cas

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and laboratories, and many details of school management

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lar, even to the extent of resembling a string of beads

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given at night, and followed in the morning by two drachms of

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fvlla .substnnsfiirluster i den andra och i kinden. [Trans-

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tillation', must he neutral to litmus-paper .^ or may be rendered

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secondary to diseases of the left side of the heart, such must receive first

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with trivial disorders, are incorrectly considered as denoting a special

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of weight and of strength, and particularly on account of

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drain upon the blood, and the prostration that follows almost as great

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ones, would frequently be in a position to give some points

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of United States Consul, Naples, Italy. March (i, 1893.

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convuescence from July 17th to July 31st, (13 days), was only grains 342.46, noiwith-

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5. In the fifth degree, the whole of the layers of the skin, the cellular mem-

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his farm, as the speaker said, extended from the north

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these instances nujst l»e rare. Later on, they may lie

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label on most carbonated beverages, we notice that one of the

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two functions to which I have referred. Were it no longer to

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to be a process of mere mechanical straining and of chemical action. He

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In other cases there are associated movements which are even more

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cases and was denied in fourteen. A history of gout was obtainable

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inadequacy so long as the anaemia persists. Its production at

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catamenia immediately precede the enlargement" ; "The enlargement

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6. From a study of 154 consecutive cases entering the maternity

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the number of drugs which it was compulsory to mem-

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the object of the author is accomplished. If there is

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suspected material upon the surface of the medium. The tubes col-

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death rate. This disease may be said to be an almost universally

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obstnicted by detritus, formed by the destruction of the

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these masses furnishing a suitable soil for their growth