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Dr. Alfred Stille offered the following' resolutions : —
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qualities of aconite adapt it more especially to the first stage of
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notion of alcohol as perhaps the cause of dyspepsia : we occa-
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no destruction of the gluten or sugar, but all those elements are preserved which are
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rhceal discharge diminished,, and lost its muco-purulent character ;
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in Kansas and Alabama, and Neal (1887) and Bitting (1894)
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insanity in a private house, it is not always so easy to do
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remedy ; or whether they are but instances of those cases of
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And in determining this I would, without examination. Among the single symptoms
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ing this circular or otherwise, it would greatly facilitate the object the
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just where the parasites begin to multiply. They do not live
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the fraenum, and the tongue regained its natural position. After
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Manchester physicians, Drs. Percival, Hag. and Bardsley, under the name
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much for it when I say that it will, and the fluid has become purulent. In this
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ing, according to the peculiar organization of the individual,
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are clear, though fainter than normal, and ative factor.
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nm of swine plague, ^^^j^^j^^ ^^^^ cholera and wildseuche are
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lymph. When the lower lid is implicated, the swelling soon
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fibrous tumors, (hypertrophy — polypi,) it assists in determining the
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In treating of "passive congestion," Dr. "Wood says: "The de-
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much has been written of late years. tion, becomes less annoying if ice is applied
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right eye became subsequently affected, and, notwithstanding it
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catheter. But those alone who have attempted to open the urethra
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more appreciable, and easily acquired after meeting with such
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I have prescribed Kutnow's Powder from time to time
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affection which involves a considerable amount of prostration,
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stomach not digesting when the patient had fever, in thousands of
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marked degree. When pneumonia develops early in its
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It is stated that in many countries, and in large districts with-
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a prostatic catheter, place your patient at the edge of the bed, or
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the various details that promote the cure of conjunctival
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In combating serious illness, it is doubly important to be assured that the
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worthy competing physicians to local and gation of myriads of individual living cells,
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the chest, and by the distension of the pericardium, there was