operation in about fifty per cent, of the cases. By timely interference

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covered with tartar to such an extent as to preclude the

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Wilmington: 9»h and Tatnall Streets • Graylyn and Midway Shopping Centers • (302) 658-6881

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ance of Knowing the Intrinsic Tendencies of Diseases toward Recovery or other-

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of both scarlatina and diphtheria, after what appeared to be purely an attack

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presentation. The hip joint may be normal but x-ray

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— 2. Abraham, P. Cutaneous Myiasis due to CBstridian Larvce. — 3. Cobbold. Treatise

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milk. There are 308 such cases on B.'s route, including the 12 around

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general rule, there are still great varieties. On a former occasion

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hypochondriac and umbilical regions; they are more or less movable, firm,

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the use of the ligature from these and other causes ; one or two, I regret to say,

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Front of chest quite resonant. Respiration heard plainly to angle of

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used in the ''chow" pot. As this is their only hygienic

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med.Obsh., Tiflis, 1890-91, xivii, 70-87.— Si vertseff(D. I.)

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ever slight, in order to determine the presence or absence of

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The same is true of tracheotomy, which was warmly advocated by Mar-

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A woman was brought here with a tumor in the right iliac

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whole, Dr. Ames believed that prompt and free bleeding in the early stages of both

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neural as well as central lesions, and also permanent vaso-motor

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them has altogether supplanted the soft rubber tube, with

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relief of pain, but in which the habit of indulgence grows upon the patient .

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* See page 180 ; also Archives of Electrology and Neurology, N. Y., May,

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removed. With the rapid subsidence of the inflammation the

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clientele. It is not my purpose to discuss at length

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being entirely free from any ill feeling. He continued

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slender figures and good features. Among them are those-

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and equipment in hospitals caring for such patients.

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reaches, while vinegar only does good where it comes

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neuritis may produce the complete clinical picture of an acute ascend-

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follow measles and scarlet fever is as natural as that these diseases

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support the least touch, as the weight of the bed-clothes, etc. . . .

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possible to meet the causal indication when the affection proceeds