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I make it a general rule, when a patient comes to me complaining of stomach trouble, to give the patient a very careful general examination, and refuse to treat him, if the patient is not willing to submit to such an examination (the). In every storeroom there had been rehgiously hoarded small stores of tea, coffee, and sugar, against the possible evil day when some member of the family might be taken sick, but when the sick and wounded soldiers began to come in, these precious stores were distributed among them (over). Andrew's parish, Dublin, of fever of a very malignant type, leaving a widow and eight young children; that the widow was struck down, and died in a few days; that drugs some of the children had taken the disease, and were now inmates of Cork Street Fever Hospital; and whether he would cause inquiry to be made with a view to preventing similar occurrences in and I have made inquiry on the subject.


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