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As to the suture material, in both cases I used the number
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cannot be doubted, but the cause of this condition, heretofore con-
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acterized in general by a sudden febrile onset with pronounced gastro-
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fluences to be noted. Men are more frequently ^ttacked than
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fat than can be digested by the patient, absence of trypsen in the stool,
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To the usual course of instruction in medical schools, the Medical Pacuhy of this
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loid precursors in the bone marrow and a fall in serum
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for whom this work is especially prepared, are good, fully carried out.
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I have written thus strongly upon the folly of these external
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bacteriological study, and the new edition of Dr. Abbott's excellent
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excites our admiration, and shows what must be done by those who have
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The building at Sharon is a beginning, it can accom-
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sions by this plan of treatment. You can easily introduce a pint in
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while it will vHtHl)lirili tlm iiHttiro, with tho phyHiologiual mid
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his house, and throwing himself on the bed, exclaimed in an
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the first four days everything went on well ; the vomiting
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strip of moss-board, slightly moistened, is placed alongside the
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being between 11,000 and 17,000. The polynuclears were diminished
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sive seizures appears to me to be greatly overdone. Many years ago
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the dreary march, in the din of battle and the lonely terrors of prison he
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disposed of. The vaginal tampon was the best means for stop-
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where considered, acute enteritis is a rare form of disease after infantile
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aborted, and the retained substance, she believed, had existed
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and landed in this country on the 12th of August follow-
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years ago, there was a great deal of over-bleeding. ^Ye
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Among Cooper's great teachers, besides John Hunter and
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gives an analysis of the dif'ereyitial counts of the leucocytes dtiring the
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vomit, sleeping with the sick, and wearing the shirts of the dead, by individ-
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of an egg) may be used, or if it prove ineffectual, the surface may be dusted
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report of 13 cases occurring at the Pennsylvania Hospital.
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into the wooden cage of the apparatus. 5°. The elimination of
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tions of sound brought out by Professor Schalkenbach, who
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and affections of consciousness are frequent. Headache is a constant symp-
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9:30 “Epidemic Respiratory Tract Infections at Fort
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or fauces, acidity of the saliva, dr3'ness of the skin, impairment of vision,
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consider that in many places malaria is exceedingly
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Another work, also similar, turned to his profit. A student had
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patient had been quite scanty for some time previous to
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