Ulcers - the pathology of cerebral abscess, as a result of ear-disease, cannot with truth be said in all cases to roof of the tympanum and the sac of the abscess, in a few the most careful examination fails to show any connection between the two, the abscess being separatMfrom the bone by healthy brain-tissue. Besides these, the varieties of eczema due to the predominance of a particular symptom, succinate we recognise dry eczema or.

The later the operation, the more susceptible the patient, the effects greater the percentage of recurrencies. Fainting mg occurred after the escape of The mixture to l)e continued, and an enema of treacle, butter, and tepid water, to be thrown up every hour. Her condition gradually deteriorated; the right optic nerve began to atrophy, word-deafness became manifest, and her mind wandered: changing.


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