of the male genitals — illustratiTe cases. Tuberculosis of kidneys and bladder. Import-
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lute empire over the lives and health of men. He will not pretend
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Clinical Memoranda, Correspondence, or News Items oi
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swallowed. The feet should be kept clean by washing
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possible to wake her —"takes five minates to wake her." In this
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Colorado Medical Society work jointly with the legislature, hospitals, businesses, insurers. University of Colorado
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but he believed the bacillus to be the element of con-
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cavity. It communicates with the spheno-ethmoidal recess (Fig. 2). The
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The patient did well since the operation, the wound
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were divided. Defecation improved. Eight months subse-
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before the <)perati(m, but during the latter period had
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such action as much as he can. The writer insists upon the persistent employ-
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25th. The patient's pulse was then 130, her temper-
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cough powders every two hours ; and a decoction of asclepias tu-
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well said, " This Dictionary is, in fact, the joint
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Camphor (Conoentrated Tincture) should be administered without
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complaints as to lack of food, water, and sufficient
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those which cause the centripetal venous one. This latter is com-
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father, followed by a gradual, but continued, improve-
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Price per volume: Extra cloth, $6.00, net; leather, $7.00, net;
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teenth century, 41 the medical witnesses were to decide whether warm
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in other situations, and sooner or later there is vomiting. In some
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us, but whenever they do occur a great popular outcry is
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The only certain method of keepincr this country free from cholera and
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" mathematically perfect " by the most expert testi-
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advanced general peritonitis and died without operation.
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marshaling of rigorous evidence of safety and efficacy
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could stand up but left foot was useless. September