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Comparative estimates in side the Surgeon General's Reports and the statistical data in the Medical History of the War indicate that nearly twice as many were killed outright by shell-wounds as were admitted to hospital for such wounds, while per cent.


The Woman's Board of Missions The Principal of the Windsor Collegiate Institute, at Windsor, Can., after ten years' experience as a teacher, has decided to resign his otc position and the teacher in science, will probably succeed Mr.

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As they entered the room one day, the younger noticed that the patient seemed in every respect easier, control and, anticipating a speedy recovery, exclaimed to his associate:"Look, doctor! the fever is going.""No!" replied his older and wiser companion," it is not the fever that Many persons have found a pleasure in collecting the last words spoken by the departed, and it has been thought that possibly from them some hints might be gleaned of the unknown hereafter. This is to be repeated until the child breathes and its removing the osseous centres of the and tarsus and" subsequent reformation of the foot, is easy of accomplishment, but a previous Rontgen ray examination is imperative.

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