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rest. In consequence, therefore, of the renewed contact of
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necessarily to this conclusion. Its local action is that of a very moderate
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drops. It is sometimes used externally as a rubefacient. A water and
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tort, by means of a lamp or sand-bath, to a heat not exceeding 400° F.;
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la dangtsvofc lacnl ocmg^fSacBL fir gesacnl pieshoea. M neMriud %i..
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colour. The inner surface is of a chocolate colour, and the fracture,
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ance and behavior of the animals was normal. There was normal
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poworful styptic, by M. House!, siirgeoti to the military hosphul
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scribed by M. Boudin, with some success, in the vomitinj? of epidemic
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tablespoonfuls of the powder, and a tablespoonful of common salt, should
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I. Sea-Bathing. — Much has been said about the supe-
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eat of cow's flesh he will be seized with that disease." The
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after various periods of hypothermia. The results are reported
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tity of tan, as for example Port. They are prepared by fer-
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to the nervous system, and appears to affect the nerve tissue directly,
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in the hypodermic method. Should alarming phenomena, however, re-
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and chnic spasms or convulsions, sometimes confined to the muscles of
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aiiy circuit, so Keats says, ' man should be content
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The circumstances which are calculated to modify the ordinary and
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blood invaders. Generally, no bacteremia was observed in treated
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Am. Joum. qf Med. Set. (April, 1861, p. 860).— i^o<« io the tAird edition.
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Active Principle. The virtues of cardamom reside exclusively in a
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Taiying from one to ten grains to the fluidounce of water.
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as to be readily made into pills. It is black, of a sweet and 8trongI|
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with no feeling of kindness, and excludes it with the great-
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denly it occasions inflammation of the brain, and sometimes
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aad at be<t it should be used only as an adjuvant to other more powerfnl
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tality of the di*^ease, after they had adopted llie practice here recom-
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aelive principle, through which they stimulate the kidneyr*, pai^;s otf,
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out groat disadvantage. Q. Eobur and Q, pedimculata, the latter of which
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in this country, taken at the same hour. The former, how-
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▼inced liim that it was enteric or typhoid fever, and wc separitted ufier agreein|{ to
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JKlcd dowlj snd steadflj. Qocai^ionallj some foree is f9apmUs to
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all the morning in some active exercise, a.« on horseback in tbt? chaise,
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to survive low ambient temperatures when caged individually but
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gentian, quassia, and columbo, and with cathartics, especially senna and
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of opium, and has the opportunity of witnessing the consequences of its