ment for the production of fluid vibrations, i.e. the freedom of

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in its meeting of December 6, 1900, to petition the

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flammation, atrophy of the tubes, and parenchymatous and fatty degenera-

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a war, and, honestly believing that war is but murder on a large scale,

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With regard to the reduction of strangulated hernia by a

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ceive the end of the scalpel — fluid blood rushed out like the

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Clinical Diagnostic Method. .Af. C. Wintebnitz, M D G R Henry

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of the pyrexia is well illustrated by the chart on p. 208.

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Iowb: The removal, as far as- possible, of all localizing causes, the trans-

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good deal of attention, and brought to the notice of the

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find that the first 164 pages of Dr Cotton's volume are devoted to the

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of a special morbid type to which they gave the name of lichen.

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reported last week, and were promptly isolated. Four

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reason, it is apt to cause or bring out fog on the negatives,

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No. 2. Another ewe was recovering. She had trembled for a

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Messrs. Editors, — The reference in the Jourxal for September 10th

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.69-71. — Fabricins ( J. ) Ueber Complicationen beira

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Hygiene of the Cyclist. — Just Lucas-Championnicre states

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41 improved, which is far more promising, although it must be

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air-cells is called oedema of the Imujs, contrary to the usual signification of

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ease, the tarsal and the bulbar. In England and France

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Stone had not for its object the Transmutation of Metals. Bein^ also an attempt to

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treated by iodurated frictions over the pericardial region, the blowing

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most surgical authorities are against all such procedures,

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best it can with the building ; but this is a special committee appointed at the suggestion of

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undertaken, but without success. The tumor proved to

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third heading of the foregoing list. They believe that an

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vascular, and having been cleared of fat, sutures were passed through it and

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or cocaine, except where there is severe gastralgia pres-

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— Dr. Frank G. Armstrong, U.S.V., Philippine Islands, De-

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2Qth. Has quite good movement of the arm, but fingers are contracting

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larynx with a 10 per cent, solution of citric acid in simple

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Coflfee, or Cotton plantations, in commercial pursuits,

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of the optic nerve. The cornea was shrunken ; the anterior

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of money for the alleged treatments for what are often imaginary

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fifteen drops three times a day. A child one year old can take two

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Yicnna. Dr. Simpson, however, expressed his opinion, that now that Dr. Ar-

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the size of the parasites. The minimal forms may he looked