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outside of the body, cannot always be used in it. We cannot perfi^ptly

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tice of surgery and gynecology, and doing this, we shall insure

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adopted that it is the sense of the Medical Society of the

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easily and painlessly merely by the hypnotic suggestion, made

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ical clerk and the patient to do the teaching, adding com-

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three weeks. If the pus makes its way between the limb and

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venom. In the following column is shown the fraction of this

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tion of the cervix, as indicated by D. Berry Hart, is

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upon those cases in which no parasites were observed in

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It is a much more grave form of rectal abscess, that

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Senatus is, that, while Clinical Examination should form part

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firmly as to be expectorated with great difficulty. As

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substance is once formed it is not easily dispersed or de-

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with during the past month. Twenty-two of these have been

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Ophthalmic Surgeon-A. H. Jacob, M.D., Oculist to the Lord Lieutenant.

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used freely as often as once in three weeks. Of other caustic

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Hoffmann describes as a frequent occurrence proliferation and parenchymatous

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influenza and nasal sinusitis are identical. If so, it

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visible owing to its pallor. Sometimes in the centre of a spot may be seen