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lower animals are not possible, since man alone is susceptible.
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ing. Various forms of nutritious enemata and other points regarding
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impair the function of the epithelium of the tube. In cases of
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applications, preferably by means of the spray. Solutions of boric
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be neglected. Apparent results are, however, rarely attained.
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here only the most valuable and their mode of administration. In the
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Treatment. — Prophylaxis. — Upon the reception of a bite thorough
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cave lens, exist between the ends of the articulations, and result from
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the more concentrated forms of food should be used very sparingly, and
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Individual Nerves of the Arm. — These may be damaged by pressure
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occur. Idiocy and profound cachexia may result from numerous attacks.
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Percussion. — The dull or flat note gives way to normal percussion-
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feature is pain ; this may be shooting, boring, or burning in character.
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lipomatous. Intestinal obstruction due to compression or traction may
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sule {acute hemorrhagic nephritis), though it is more common to see red
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meals. Each case must be treated accoixling to its special indications.
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glazed-looking dry stool so often the result of the straining in
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finally be even a rupture of the capsule and a passage of the blood into
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fibrinous pleurisy are induced by tuberculous infection of the pleura.
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The pathology of the disease is obscure. Ley den has found tears
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exerting gentle pressure on the abdomen to start the current.
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These casts, when unfolded, are found to be solid moulds of the
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tion of, or rather in connection with, other neurotic conditions. Of these
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condition is sometimes associated with similar cystic disease of the liver
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ures should be employed to combat the active local inflammation. Ex-
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a ureter from within the pelvis. Pressure-necrosis and perforation may
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of nitrogen excreted is small, owing to the diminished metabolism of
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the height of the paroxysm of pain, which the vomiting relieves as a
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Htiology. — Among the more important predisposing factors may be
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The diagnosis is to be made both from the history and from a gross
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The tubules show marked changes. Some are included in masses of
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hemorrhages. The Avhites of the eyes become pearly, the conjunctivae
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general practitioner as well as to the surgeon. Its early diagnosis
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The Legislative Committee of the State Homoeopathic Medical Asso-
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ankle brace "with a stop- joint to limit ankle extension, allowing
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obstruction of the bile-ducts ; this causes retention of bile with swell-
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tion, as in a fatal case reported by Dr. H. P. Loomis,^ in which the
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become as fatal as Asiatic cholera or smallpox; and many others
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