a description of this canal (see Ear and Its Diseases, Depart-

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it is a separate and distinct affection, sui generis;

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Leube himself on this unusually extended incubation are worthy of

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performed more rapidly, since it was only necessary to find the

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Cms cerebri. — The origin of the third nerve from the crus cerebri lends

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2. The sale or use of ardent spirits in canteens is strictly

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mental exhilaration and capacity for work. There is

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tetanus, according to domestic diagnosis assisted by the news-

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liecause of defective color sense it must be expected that he will use

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He further(a) says that any obliquity of the uterus exceed-

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and Surgery, and it has advanced the social concord of the

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unable to move, its legs are spread apart, and though urged on. it

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that he seems to be at the point of death. The cau.se

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ss marked pain, less acute joint involvement, and less

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The diet is of the highest importance, most fleshy patients improving

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works, but as a means of supplying a foundation, to which

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OIK! year in four cases, two years in three cases, three; years

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change in the system, but is eliminated throagh the excretory organs, more es-

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disease spreads epizootically, particularly when large numbers

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We cannot take leave of our Subject without expressing an ardent

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as though the crime itself were frightfully extending. More-

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1 tablespoon every 15 minutes, until vomiting iwd purging

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phatic irritation, or sub-inflammation, as he terms it, some of his

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of air in the air-cells; and he contends that medical jurists have begun at the

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mouth, and still wearing one of the wedges, Avhich she had become

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origin and spread. The present scourge originated by

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stated in a communication accompanying the manuscript, and no

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had been subject for the last two years to a cough, attended

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retraction. It is, therefore, best to slip a tie under

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senical disease. " We find, when Arsenic has been given, for

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Treatment of Burns with Aristol ; a Clinical Note. By Prof. Anastasius Haas, . . 1S0

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a pathologist or curator of the museum, a vaccinator, an

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of Colchicum, or its active principle, Colchicine, are nausea and

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The majority of schools have competent men in charge