art has followed; and the powerful illustrations of "The vShip's Doctor " are
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vessel, the Albatross, has just arrived at Spiihead
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Many epidemics have been observed where there were great aggre-
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station ; and so, while the original proposition remains true
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that of the most skillful anatomist. He will trace any vessel or nerve in its
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bonkhe batsi abati kutsi kudla kwemnumzane ngabe kudliwe yimi.'
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took a subnormal dip to 97.1° in 5 days, and reached normal
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head, hallucinations, sighing respiration, and impercepti-
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other persons in this city, or whether any cases have occurred in the
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same embolism may happen as in the case of injection of H2O2,
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Symptoms. — There are probably no exceptions to the statement that
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rence of a true renal albuminuria. In the latter case the amount of
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bones to the floor of the inferior meatus ; but a passage had been
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Board would have been greatly impaired without the splendid support
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titis. This cholecystitis I have seen in a number of cases result in
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' ' Anicriciin Journ. of Med. Science,' vol. xxxii, l.Si3, n. s. G.
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arms, and finally the bulb. Anaesthesia is not present, although there may
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tient should not want it you ought to want it. The pub-
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and adherent to the longitudinal coat of the rectum as to be with
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in the skin, nerves, nervous knots, lymphatic glands, spleen, liver, etc.,
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of other joints primarily occurs in a small proportion of cases. After the
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the tongue, the organ being drawn with some force out
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ophthalmic journals of the United States have not con-
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is much compromised — one may be quite certain that peritonitis will ultimately
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plest, quickest, and most satisfactory treatment in my hands. It
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tion of the urine, and its range of usefulness- much wider
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Water at a temperature of 50° absorbs 670 times its volume of
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Enteroclysis of Ice Water in the Treatment of Intestinal
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dies without material benefit, I dilated the cervix, and
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ae may be observed by everyday's experience. For this aim a
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sides, overlapping each other for about an inch along their entire
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several grovvih-changes. Outpatients are seen in the newly