may, therefore, be regarded as a secondary change. Ilie greater number of

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Jamison, D. : Five Cases of Leprosy in Children. N. O. Med. and Surg. Journ., 1885-86, N. S.

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tension of the abdominal walls is not as great and the

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in case of malignancy, radical procedures may be carried out without

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and meninges are somewhat oedematous, and minute hemorrhages have

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of the alimentary canal along its interior, and is at the same time pressed

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Mobilization Plans. These plans usually indicate the number and

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sidered a fine-weather passage at almost all times of the year.

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the disappearance of the abdominal tumour from the surface concurrently

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and communicates with neither peritoneal cavity nor sac of tunica

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be considered inimical to the discharge of his social

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of this fluid on a glass slide there resulted a very heavy

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[1894 a]. — La dissenteria e le sue forme, alTambiente sociale, ai climi e alle

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half round, the chest becomes relieved from superincumbent weight,

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convalescence. In many instances pleurisy is secondary to conditions

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the Publication Committee so that these transactions can be brought

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Coleridge in his Life of Fothergill, that we cannot

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