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symptoms. He had not much confidence in percussion and ausculta-

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" ichthyosis sebacea " (Hebra) — results from these conditions.

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right round, its fiagellum becoming at the same time mostly free from the

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(the new, convenient way to prescribe Pabalate-Sodium Free)

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( Me NEIL ) McNeil Laboratories, Inc., Fort Washington, Pa. 19034 © McN. 1973

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• Accurate and reliable bone density measurements

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neously. Eighteen were cases of desquamative nephritis Mdtli

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certainty. This is more theoretically than otherwise correct

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form along the motor tract, first involving the corresponding cms and

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request Dr. Moxhay kindly examined this patient in November

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diphtheria, and false diphtheria ; the persistence of the Loeffler bacillus

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ligament. In both of them at the post-mortem examina-

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thread is turned of twelve turns to the inch, which

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of Breast Cancer, An Investigative Report, will be a featured speaker. For in-

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supposition, when, besides the other symptoms, we have those of ob-

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The case here reported was studied in contrast as a case of per-

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mack, Vivian; J. J. F. McCann, Perth; J. A. McEwen, Hensall;

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whether it agreed with or was opposed to medical authorities. I came

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and atheroma, more or less extensive, is almost invariably found in the

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and Dr. Osier, under whose care she is, inclines to

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rheumatism, and justified the suspicion of the previous

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and Diagnostic Agent," by Dr. Margaret A. Cleaves, of

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inconsiderable size, and instantly a gush takes place

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CLINICAL LECTURES. pain gradually became so acute that she

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and Malignant, which is best on the gross pathology. It is a

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or complete ptosis. Paralysis of a single eye-nerve is rare in brain dis-

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gradually increase for three or four days, until the whole of the parotid

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sternum and widely involve the lungs, or it may reach the lungs by way

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Medicine and Toxicology. UCSF at Cathedral Hill Hotel, San Fran-

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the mixed saliva of the mouth unquestionably has; from which it would ap-

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which compares more than favorably with others which

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in setting the broken bones or in the subsequent opera-