blood and the blood serum of an immune animal. The source of
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be difficult to distinguish infectious tetanus from poisoning
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associated with electric exhaustibility, which is manifest by the de-
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whole there is evidence of more copious bacterial flora in the cases
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recur. In four other animals, irregularities took place (Guinea
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neuralgia. Be this as it may, his case presents a very interesting speci-
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streptococci, left tonsil and vault no hemolytic organisms.
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membrane. This state continuing, the cornea acquires a whitish
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was suffering from sickness, and pain in the abdomen. Pulse 115, of good
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and appear on its lower surface, a few hours after the extremity has
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of heart tonics, like digitalis, to produce diuresis, even
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is now known to be often primary. According to the statistics of Le-
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may disturb the compensatory relation, and the symptoms of valvular
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rare, numbering altogether 3 among 130. In any disease a negative
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The first sound occurs during the systole, or contraction of the ventri-
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constitute marked features, especially when the eyes are turned to the
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seizure and holding of areas in which bases could be developed
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serpents (Sir Alfred Garrod, Dr. Luff and others), the production of gout
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entirely, and in all circumstances ; for this 1 have never done. I have
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vanced stage of typhus, with some degree of fear, that my pa-
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five to forty-five dollars per month for primary and inter-
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proper methods of living. Take, for example, in the rural districts
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markably soothing effect in some cases. The therapeutic
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siderable elevations; thus Grassi has recently discovered a malarious
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and consequent gastrectasis. I performed a posterior
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Ritteri says that personal observations in the University of
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. Headache lasted several hours ; 3 hours. 286. y-J-ff+jVff*
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