upon questions of degree which cannot be expressed in precise

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ity in croup with serum treatment was forty-nine per cent. ;

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three, lay for a fortnight blanched ta an extreme degree, yet he

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to mention, viz., Drs. J. C. Warren, G. Hayward, W. Ingnlls, 8. D. Townsend, J. Jeffries, J. V. C.

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the statistics at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, over six

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common, but to deny that such an actual concurrence is

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roughened surface of the serous membrane covering the heart on

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present a dull white, glazed, and corrugated aj)pearance, and

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the great store of evidence, gathered for centuries, of

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counter, he should weigh the latter against the patient's power of resistance,

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perience has convinced us of the vast importance of moral

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by the effect in diminishing congestion of the portions of the pulmonary

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I have come to believe, after studying carefully the

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Dr. Sayre presented a mamma removed for supposed scirrhous tumor

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tion in the cells and its elimination into the blood.

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houses, 1902, Part ii. p. 187.) In one Inspector's district alone there was,

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thenia must also be distinguished from psychasthenia (p. 1167). It should

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as they possibly indicate a special vulnerability on the part of the kidney.

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imless a Medical certificate be produced by the licensed person

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The deductions presented by the author are as follows :

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is usually poorly cooked and lacks variety. Even in the

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+ Maintain attribution The Google "watermark" you see on each file is essential for informing people about this project and helping them find

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medico rem inestimabilem, vitam ac valeiudinam bonam." Certain

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within this territory diagnosticate or prognosticate any human

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wiiisper. The cj'anosis of the lips ami finger-tips becomes more intense.