sufficiently to interfere with their power of accommoda-
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on uottun, it causts a pHinful biiniiiig sensation. By the formei"
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informed, in relation to insanity, and many w^riters on the sub-
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excision of the veins involved followed by careful sutur-
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rect this faulty elimination were squills, milk, rectal
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A. N. BUIITON, Botanic Physician, would respectful-
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of the gall bladder, by means of a cholecystenteros-
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pnpil to attend public school from a house while any in-
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advisable to administer a dose of the remedy selected daily, the first thing
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not give rise in him to any of that peculiar feeling which is experienced
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ferentiates one form of irritant from another ; that tiie
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kidneys. Cultures showed the presence of a short bacillus resembling in all
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economy, and special reports, if not included in paragraph 3c of
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anastomoses with the ophthalmic artery. According to Sappey, it is
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wrist. It was often wauling in the left, sometimes in the right. It
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transl.: Ungar. Beitr. z. Augenb., Leipz. u. Wien, 1900,
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26. Hernia — Operation without opening the Sac. — The subject of hernia is a
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Now in the case of the vaginal operation, if by chance
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Rae, M. J. : A Practical Treatise on Eczema and its Treatment, London.
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of which is composed of the arterial and venous capillaries, or, indeed^
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keep in mind the pathology and many of the etiological factors; the
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present degenerative reaction in its characteristic form. In the muscles
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Williams, Lester L., Mt. Airy, Md. Med. Coll., 1913 1913 1916
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the Weekly Returns will be sold for Jd. each, the Annual
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bacteriologic examinations of the eye, blood, and joints and even
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m6d., Lima, 1897, xiv. 11; 25; 59; 71. — ITIacready (J.)
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increased perspiration due to the high temperature, the thirst is great,
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■would also point to the great loyalty which has been exhibited
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the megaloblasts and normoblasts of pernicious anemia.
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press purpose of protecting the organism against the consequences
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dinary form, which is found in every obstetric case. So long as it is
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enable him to complete his college course. It is a proud boast
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origin of operations upon non-strangulated hernia." " He would not
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cent, of its weight from combustion." Retzius, with Berzelius, agrees
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pericardium behind. As the pleurte come together above behind the
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a condition of extreme opisthotonus. The face was congestea.
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The boundary of the defect on each side was straight