health. I need not discuss the pathogenesis of this case, though

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beyond a weak mitral systolic bruit, varying with posture or

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of the whole country is made to feel the genial influence of per-

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Landau believes that these attacks are due to a tor-

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The testimony of Dr. Thomas also confirms the statement in the En-

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avail, and also to question the feasibility of removing

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Constitution of Phthisical Persons when in Health. 13

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number of persons who escaped as being over the age required

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Dr. J. Begbie speaks highly of Bromide of Potash in quieting

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the cervical canal or vaginitis. I would therefore strongly advise

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It is claimed for this treatment that when it is b^un early the rate of

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the pain was excessive. In several the general symptoms of neu-

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stained by Weigert-Pal and then the Nissl or Van Gieson method used

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petroleum, called "cosmaline ;" by Messrs. Savory and Moore,

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the widest and promptest dissemination of any knowl-

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Repr. from ; Hanhov. Ann. f. d. ges. Heilk.. 1840, v.

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investigation of the functions of the cerebrum and cerebellum, both in the way of direct ex-

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which these canneries are factors of disease, but all

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mic surgeon who wishes to know everything in his specialty.

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vocal gouty nature, are primarily dependent upon a functional disorder of a defi-

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tion of the Symptoms and Treatment of the Resulting Forms of

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external saphenous vein it winds around the external malleolus

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origin of the cyst might Ije found in the somewhat severe injury

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he had ordered a quantity from Boston. As it would be a week or

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called pemphigus begins with the production of bullae on the surface.

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Seven lines, or less . 4s. 6d. I A Column . . £2 12s. Od.

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The Indications for Cholecystectomy. Dr. Frederick B. Willard.

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The bowels must be urged to compensate for the failure of