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sores. You remember the case of a man who had a bed-sore under the

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that there is a distinct vernal increase in the incidence of arthritic

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ing in every other respect, agree in being both recognised by sjTnptomatic

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Ankylostomiasis; Hook=worm Disease. — The parasite

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features and anatomical characters is almost the exact counter-

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gravity of the urine was lOio; amount about two quarts;

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and because of the difference in density and color of the gall-

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entirely to nature^^ is certainly mistaken in quoting Bemutz as

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6 p.m., 103.4. The patient was extremely restless during the

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Official List of Changes in the Medical Corps of the U. S.

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of trial, the endless fictions of every conceivable kind

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Cresswell J. gave a similar judgment. The prisoner had thrown a stone at

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rough. He was feverish and restless, skin hot, and pulse

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selves on the banks of the Danube ; those eternal enemies

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instilled at frequent intervals, are useful in iritis by (1)

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and citron ; also in several others, combined with malic acid; pre-

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years ago he was persuaded when he had gone out of training to take a vacant

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appropriately when he attempted to cut a piece of paper with them.

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3 in, ; and from spines of the ilia across umbilicus, 4 ft. 5 in. The

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say that what is my case to-day may be your case to-morrow,

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matous tissue shows is one of three zones : — A central area of

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oral anticoagulant. Once a patient with lupus anticoagulant

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fairly under way. I am in favor of Kraske's and its modifications in

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ing of the respiration and pulse occurred within 30 minutes after the

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patient was a well-nourished woman of about 40, not anemic,

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the chest and abdomen were not thoroughly inspected until some

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cians in those early days to receive pupils, boarding, and sometimes

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Peyer 8 patches, are found to be degenerated and wasted; no

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not included in this group the strain took the form of valvular