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Report of Six Cases Treated by Intubation of the Larynx. By
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tlemen, will be given by a colleague from a s ; ster State, a sound and
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by the ordinary symptoms, acute cholecystitis or cholangeitis develops.
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Dr. Anningson, of Cambridge, considers that there is a disadvantage in
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to be often connected with hypertrophy of the heart, and to follow the
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until three pints had escaped. Its bloody character still persisting,
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tion with all cases of acute infectious disease. We have seen acute
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its acid fastness within polymorphonuclear leucocytes
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cess of an agitation for the adoption of the Greek lan-
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for these purposes may be defrayed out of any rate or fund applicable
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r:r<- Tzketi fresh, it w/.I v^aumt v!:ArTNvA \r ^Jtv**^',
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which are " unicellular parasites of fixed form of body,
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anticipated the construction put upon the common law by the
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lactose, and when dextrose and pentose are present in association the
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aseptic uterine irrigation tube. The principle of both
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the bone. If the fracture is quite oblique, the suture is passed around
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It is important to differentiate this disease from eczema, espe-
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Then add a little (say }, cm.) for certainty's sake,
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generally described under the name of asthenopia, or popularly
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metritis), in referring to the obscurity of the diagnosis between
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Executive Officer and the Staif-commander or Master
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States spent last year $1,172,565,235 for alcoholic
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line of practice to adopt, not only as regards a suc-
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association, which adjourned in 1860 in New York to meet in St. Louis
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mentions the splenic enlargement, the jaundice, the
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hydrated magnesia, etc., are preferable to those which evolve
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cess of close and conclusive reasoning, he may fairly challenge as
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stantly heard of how medical men attached to Canadian
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positive sign. The bacilli are most frequently found in the blood early