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Another plan of treatment, by which Busch succeeded in curing perma-
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common sense. You are too eager to make your diagnosis. You want
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Flies may possibly act as transmitting agents. As bearing on the probable impor-
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has been previously accurately diagnosed r And how can we
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The sesqui-carbonate of potash may be used in powder or in
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ascending and descending colon and the sigmoid flexure. The transverse
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posteriorly, or a posterior rectocele, must take place to a
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displacements of the uterus, or disease of the Fallopian
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treated 30 cases with antitoxin, of which 8 died, the
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of increase, during which hectic fever is manifest, and emacia-
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sc/ie Wochenschrift, February 27, 1900, p. 29) advocates
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intractable to local treatment, but in the hospital it healed rapidly as the result
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and worthy of the careful consideration of the electro-therapeutic
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The subsequent ill-effects of the disease are due to the products of the
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once had the disease. The exclusion of rubeola and scarlatina by the absence
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suggested by Dr. Bassi is that the nervous disturbance in-
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encing individual members of the legislature. I appeal
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three children said to be healthy. Early history negative, except that he is
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struate regularly, in cases in which the infant is much
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is in, as a rule we can tell with sufficient accuracy that there is
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I. Cold roast beef, 8oz., equivalent to 362 grs. urea.
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and its muscles rigid from imperfect etherization (he did not
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which contain about fifty per cent of nitrogen, that the azote which enters
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the proper authorities, recommend leave, medical surveys, discharge
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Chicago, 1893, xxi, 566-568. Aluo, Eepriut. — Kaarsbcrg
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though, as Professor Huxley stated, his opponent wrote
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There are times, however, in the lives of most people, when, from
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are, no doubt, cases in which the sulphur in powder is
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had at some time taken place, transforming what was once a solid
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deranged digestion with muscular debility; and often a
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an incalculable number of these germs in all stages of development, and if
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Ueber die dritte Modifikation meiner Lues-reaktion. Ibid. No. 33 p. 932, 1919.
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Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Inc.