of directors of the local fund and the local medical

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first parts to develop. The anterior abdominal and the larger external

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fistula. In this observation ten grains of dry biliary matter were discharged

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black in both sexes. The fourth is dark at the base and

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condemnation of the practice is wrong. So far as my own experience "

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the bone was in a complete state of diffused osteo-myelitis.

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culous pulmonary abscess had broken into the i)leural cavity

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medicine, Herophilus upheld the principle that experience

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mediate and striking, in others it has little effect, and

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affected, would seem to possess a certain exemption, considering the

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out underrating structural arrangements, these reports make it

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catamenia flowed for the first two or three months.

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table" splint. His discoveries be/ore the invention of

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of lessening the mortality, it was found that during the next four

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seen in cross section, are of a somewhat different appear-

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of dissection. The posterior roots adhere to the posterior part of

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sick, both male and female, to board and receive tlie

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The next paper of interest to physicians was by Dr.

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however, continued, and in the evening five grains of Opium were given in the form

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trust to have aided, however imperfectly, in the elucidation of the nature

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false and unworthy of all regard, as subversive of the principles of

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pyogenic bacilli in the tissues. In th^ liver and kidneys scars resem-

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Pitt. On March 4th, at Wellesbourne, Warwick, aged 02, Eliza-

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lous track, several inches in length, passing down to a

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influenza. The literature on the subject is enormous, since different

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and by theories of the parts played by the cell bodies as

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off. No matter how highly developed the specialists may