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Orthopedic Clinic. — Alonzo G. Howard, M.D., Boston.

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what by his imagination, as he wrote much of it while in prison.

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spinous injections of salvarsanized serum. — American Journal

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Considerable practical work is required outside of the regu-

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paratively frequent. I have under observation from three to five

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chemical means or fire. Sunlight, even the direct rays, will not

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bands could be eliminated if each male applicant for a marriage license were

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examiner, at times exhibiting a perseveration in so doing. Cer-

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This letter was referred to the Executive Council of the Con-

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The Gazette does not hold itself responsible for the opinions expressed by its contributors.

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to wait for a dollar — a year subscription. There are some who,

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one hour a day, or two hours every alternate day, throughout

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of the liver has been sufRciently extensive to lead me to think that

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members of the graduating class giving the number of house

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co-operation of all the people at the same hour in the same com-

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and by-lawSj which were not received until a few weeks ago. Ample

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Parts of house: — porch, pantry, garret, kitchen, key-hole, cellar.

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of the plaintiff's rights in the name "Pepto-Mangan."

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Thomas R. Brown. The normal amount of diastatic ferment in

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vazioni sui corpusculi amylacei deli'encephalo e midollo spinale. Atti

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authorities throughout the State, and the medical profession

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5. Thou shalt not call every bellyache a case pf appendicitis.

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S. B. and A. M., Davidson College, 1911 ; M. D., Johns Hopkins University, 1915.

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functions without regard to ordinary rules of decency and

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on three of these elective courses for one Trimester = Yz unit.

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stained with Mann's eosin-methylene blue mixture, Mallory's phos-

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Whey cream mixtures may be obtained by using wliey as a diluent, in

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Nichols, A. H. Privileged medical communications, 683.

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on them, and whoopee ! how mad some of them do get, to be sure.

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