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In a number of medical students of the Physiological De-
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improvements to the method are published from time to time. For any-
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meeting-rooms in Berlin. In a similar strain Professor
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to such studies and to the cognate subject of the history of medi-
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was opened with a rather long incision, but it was found
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mustard plants. Electric light appeared to be about half as
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though he introduces one into the select party of the Symposium.
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to 4,504 houses last week, and visited 24,099 families,
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fair amount' of force, when a seizure took place. It
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tubercolosi oculare. Gior. d. r. Accad. di nied. di Torino,
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Kichard W. S. Martin, in Henning, Tenn., July 16, aged 63. He
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ichorrhaemia, especially as, through some error iu diet, an obstinate diar-
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can doubt but ih.?it fifty -six {oQ)) persons, out oH one hundred and twelve (112)
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incisions or by amputations, that matter was at present suh
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to the householders, or making personal visits. We shall have to show
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with extensive necrosis and sequestra, and in which no operation would have
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than eighteen to twenty-four hours, as the danger of
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from cholera that have occurred this year in the city
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they alone have ascertained the departures from healthy struc-
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preventing small-pox— Incomplete protection after puberty afforded by
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plishing the same ultimate result ? Thus the influences
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one whose physician is a visiting surgeon at a lying-in in-
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and practical questions are discussed with both pleasure and profit. In many
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which it had been stated heat played in this mode of treatment.
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one of which he dislocated his thigh. At last he fell
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Normal Pregnancies” before the undergraduate students
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although narrowed considerably in its vertical measurement
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Rep Scott Klug discusses health system reform at the SMS annual meeting.
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contained in the lungs and trachea, and caused by the final forcible
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in the throat. But when undisturbed it sits without motion, and presum-
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Medica] .Juris- Sir Douglas Dr Littlejohn.^ ^^^^ ^l^l