pure mitral insufficience. Above the aorta, the sounds are feeble ;
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small-pox, with 1,047 deaths, 696 [cases remaining under
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As a result of all this, months and months pass during which the
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if we strictly follow the rules of nomenclature, because they are not
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tenderness over the caecum. The stools contained mucus and numerous eggs
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often evident on inspection. In these cases also there is a prominence
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higher than 105° F., and the frequence of the pulse rating at more than
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the closed necks of the bottles, he concluded that they had
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skin ; and it is not until then that the consequences of diminution of the supply of
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Med. (1899), 2, 17) did the same with an organism resembling that of Wolff and
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of quite a large number of cases of hypertrophy of the heart, and (in
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ence, of functional disturbance of the kidneys on obstruction of the
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verrucose-like projections disappearing or becoming smaller. The dis-
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in the upper third of the small intestine, in a public officer, aged fifty-
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paribus, the size and fulness of the pulse depend mainly upon the
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media. Growth becomes apparent on ordinary agar after two days, consisting
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and, unless the expectoration of copious tenacious secretion and the
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in 'the East by Sakurane and Okugawa, Japan, 1905; Lukis, India, 1907;
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formed, and we nave an irregular cancerous ulcer, with hard, callous
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exercised in the choice of cow's milk ; these were mentioned under etiolo-
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the tumors, are perfectly in accordance with the doctrine that the spleen
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recommended as a palliative until the heart's action have become retard-
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kidney and consumption of the lungs, without our being able to find
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infections, such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, dysentery, etc., to which the
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acute miliary tuberculosis, and of whose tuberculous nature there can*
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being reduced to 9$ inches, and of the calf to 12 inches. Moreover, the skin
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soda, and sulphate of morphia, have generally succeeded. For
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the disease. This will not seem strange after our having shown that
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there is no fever, but there are a number of other symptoms. The