good in colic, indigestion, and many other affections. Dose:

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at fourteen, and another at sixteen. The second child (a daughter)

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of looking out of the window at laborers excavating the

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was sent home much improved, but as is usual in such

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the axon and dendrons suffer secondarily. On the other hand, the baneful

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brother, and husband, in whom their love and pride were

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sutures are passed and secured. Both operators employ silver sutures instead

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eral vessels, for tissues become blanched under its ap-

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was a young woman of respectability, and gave her evidence

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informal session at 10 o'clock in the morning, followed by a tour of

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others, it has a close relation to diabetes meUitus, not only in symptoms

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surfaces are in contact, it frequently passes into " eczema " or " inter-

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M. Minter ; Dr. Sieveking; Deputy Inspector- General C.

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discectomy without fusion for treatment of cervical radiculopathy and

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ed in every instance. Several investigators have u-cd Inberclc

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dergoes can be better ascertained bj means of the laryngoscope during

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to one who has had no experience whatever. The infor-

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twenty pills. JDose. — One pill is given every night, or every

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where it was before the great Listerian principles were propounded."

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that the movements of the thorax are not interfered with ; that the

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the blood is sure to decompose and prove the source of a vile odour, if not of-

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nary drainage-tube introduced. During the operation between 6 to 8 ozs. of san-

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Until Koch's experiments have been more fully confirmed,

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internal medication, instancing the good effects he had ob-

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eruption upon the neck and lower part of his face."

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lends encouragement to the great general cause. These conditions

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the circulation of the foetus, which they infect. These organisms

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syphilis in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries belong

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members of the Society not a few warm personal friends

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will soon turn round and display an extraordinary amount of

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the feet, legs and flanks. During the first few hours,

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from all sides of the rhizome, numerous, shrivelled, light

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capable of accomplishing what vaccination does for humanity

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Opium here, as in all similar oases, may be of great service. For local

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tice of surgery and gynecology, and doing this, we shall insure

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which is concerned in the expression of many of those phenomena

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of iron with phosphoric acid and tincture of orange-peel ;

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grain of metallic iron. The result has been — with lactate of iron, digestion

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age all attempts on the part of the mother to nurse the

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of smallpox and cow-pox, and, in respect to the mutual influence of the two dis-