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constituted affect its action, but the way in which these elements are
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the skin and external applications generally. Amongst these remedies
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1894. — 66. Reimer, H. K lima* -therapie, 1889.-67. Richter, M. Ocean Currents
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changes in the mucous surfaces tend to dryness and greatly reduced
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was of men (over fifteen years of age) 19 per cent ; of women (over fif-
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found, however, that proteids alone can repair tissue-waste, and that if
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open," writes Mr. Power, '■'• in the early months of the year, the rate of
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By any of the above methods, then — to express it differently — a
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process which may lead to the ultimate occlusion of these small vessels.
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rise to infective endocarditis in another way, namely, by an injury
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Mr. James Richmond, who for many months has studied the bacteriology
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Are you married ? Have you visited the tropics, when, and for how Ions; ?
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part of the' day for 165 days out of 182 (77), and the mean temperature
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air — render inferences difficult, a difiiculty further increased by differ-
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cases ; in these the area of toxin production must be enormous, and, as
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the oxygen taken in and the CO2 given out were considerably diminished.
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contained in the waters of Woodhall, where they are combined with
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10. Since free bleeding by leeches, he has had no pain, and the eye
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ance which interrupts the growth and vigor of the body.
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atrophy, yet apparently no degeneration occurs ; the muscles can still be
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system, so that the neighboring glands become enlarged into a tumor,
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" On the Analogy between Puerperal and Surgical Fever," which was far
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cording to the urgency of the symptoms. I have usually found ten
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glands there exist definite vaso-dilator nerves ; when the gland is active
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As a current of one ampere is never applied to patients in medical
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dealt with very briefly. The general blood and tissue changes are exactly
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rises very quickly afterwards ; sudden fall of temperature, with the
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and the same agar-agar or serum surface we may find virulent and non-
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extend also into, or appear primarily in the nose, conjunctiva, trachea,
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with headache, shivering, general aching, and a pulse but little above
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quite understand that it may often be difficult to trace the source of
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it is impossible identically to reproduce the disease in another species.
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We cannot discuss these matters fully in a work on medicine ; fur-
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Intermission of the pulse and apex beat may not prove the existence