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rience, it places her in a better position than she would be in if the case were

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recognised as an observed fact. To doubt it is to ques-

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succumbed in coma. Before his death, blood cultures had demon-'

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tuberculosis was considered in papers on arthritic, hepatic, and

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change in the uterine mucosa of rabbits, by injecting into one

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Health Department to go at a moment's notice to every case re-

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or State medicine is control by the State and payment

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4. Those in which no loss of consciousness occurs at all.

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multipara), who was expecting her confinement daily;

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make a proper physical examination with our attention alive to

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the uterus and its appendages was in a much more deplorable state than

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matter more exhaustive study than himself; but unfortunately we find

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tion — vide Lect. IV.), into both halves of the spinal

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dren under sixteen years Of age, and mod- will not be interferred with, as this is an

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passed another glass tube, one extremity of which ex-

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Dr. Bauer’s paper because I think it is an important

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of hystero-palsies which are sent to me as organic spinal diseases, while

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solution of pot. carb.; these two preparations are then mixed and boiled. —

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Possibly the great electrical difficulties thus foreshadowed may

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Eustace Smith ; and Constitutional System, by Dr. Jonathan Hutchison. Under

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the duodenal side. If a patient takes a full dinner and persistently

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conceivably minute quantity of the variolous poison, placed beneath the

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Respiraturtj System. — In all the cases of sleeping sickness examined by

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1. The association of epilepsy with idiocy or imbecility, these being, on the

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Edinburgh ; late Clinical Assistant, University Gynsecological Wards,